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Arlington Cemetery

  Andrew Frederick Jensen Jr., 84 ( Doc ) Captain U.S. Navy, (RTN).
Theater: Vietnam

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Arlington Cemetery

 Captain John Curchin, 76, was a pilot with the USMC, Theater: Vietnam


Gloucester County Veteran Memorial Cemetary

  Daniel Lowry USAF (34), Theater: Iraq American Freedom War in Iraq and Afghanistan

A picture of David G. Holmes listening and participating in the Agent Orange and Toxins, Town Hall Meeting at Rowan University.This is a sensitive topic that was sponsored by the New Jersey VVA State Council and hosted by VVA1068 on April 8, 2018, Rest in Peace our VVA 1068 Brother.

Dave Holmes was drafted into the U.S. Army. After training, David served in Vietnam where he became an American Hero earning a Silver Star,2 Bronze Stars, and 3 Purple Hearts. 

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Arlington Cemetery

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John F. Curchin, Capt.USMC Jet Fighter Pilot, Theater: Vietnam