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Disabled Veteran Assistance in Vineland, NJ

Veterans Memorial Home Paramus, NJ and Veterans Memorial Home Menlo Park, NJ

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 VVA Chapter 1068

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Camden County Veteran Affairs
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Carmen Petrelli our Treasurer, Mother Mrs. Ann T. Petrelli
Has Pass Away.
Visitation will be on Friday, May 24, 10;00 to 11;00 A.M. and Mass will be 11 A.M. at the ST. Mary of the Lakes Catholic Church, 40 Jackson Road , Medford, New Jersey

Memorial Day Activities
May 25, 2019
10 A.M.
Camden County College Blackwood Campus
Gloucester Township

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Camden County
​May 27, [email protected] A.M.
Camden County Veterans 
Cemetery  of Hiarleigh
(changes might occur check your county calendar for town, date, time and confirmation)
New Jersey Vietnam Vetrans
Memorial Foundation
Memorial Day Services
May 27, 2019
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Burlington County​
Memorial Day Services
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             ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Calendar 2018
        SilverStar Diner (SSD)
​( Under Construction )
Jan.     02  0930   SSD   Board Meeting
Jan.     11  1830       Chapter Meeting
Jan      30  0930    SSD. Board Meeting
Feb.    08 Night of Four  Chaplains Dinner
Feb     15  1830       Chapter Meeting
Feb     27    930    SD  Board Meting
March 08  1830       Chapter Meeting
April    03  0930    SSD  Board Meeting
April    12  1830       Chapter Meeting
April    20 or 27  Vietnam Wall. Wash DC
May    01  0930     SSD Board Meeting
May    10  1830        Chapter Meeting
May    29  0930    SSD  Board Meeting
June   14  1830        Chapter Meeting
July     03  0930   SSD  Board Meeting   
July     12  1900       Chapter Meeting  
July     31  0930   SSD  Board Meetin
                   A ugust
Aug.    09  1900       Chapter Meeting
Aug     23  Thursday, Golf Tourn. Ad Book deadline
Sept.   04  0930   SSD  Board Meeting
Sept    13  1900      Chapter Meeting 
Sept    17 Monday, Golf Tourn. Scholarship to be determined
Oct     02  0930   SSD  Board Meeting
Oct     11  1900        Chapter Meeting
Oct     16  BOSCOV Special Discount Day to be determined
Oct    30   0930   SSD Board Meeting   
Nov   08   1900        Chapter Meeting
Nov   27   0930   SSD Board Meeting
Dec 13    Chapter Meeting / Christmas Dinner   

Members in Distress

Carmen Petrelli
Tom  Mccrossin
Tom Werner
 Tom O'Shea"s wife
Harry Dean
Mike Quinn's wife

​(mom past away)
Jack Turner

Submitted. By: 
         Joe Rebstock

 Chartered 2012
Membership Application  for
VVA Chapter 1068
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Coast Guard
Air Force

About Camp Salute

Housing for veterans and/or veterans surving spouse preference

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Our Meeting will be held on Thursday,
June 13, 2019, at 1900 hrs.
www.vva_chapter 1068.yahoo.com

          in the         
Somerdale VFW Post# 7334

Bar and Hall

10 Kennedy Blvd.
Somerdale, New Jersey  08083

Who is considered a Veteran?

​​​Women's Vietnam Memorial

[email protected]
Vietnam Women Veterans 
on the Virtual Wall
​( click to view )
USS New Jersey 
(click to view picture)
Women Veterans
My Healthyvet
​Family Planning Options
USS New Jersey
News Letter
Women Veteran Events
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Homeless Veterans Assistance
​Joe and Terry Chickachop
​Contact 856-685-9038 

The Military Order of
the Purple Heart
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​​​​ 2018-2019
VVA Chapter#1068 

VVA  Chapter#1068
Paul Heck
Vice President
George Weiss
Carmen Petrelli Jr.
Kevin Laughlin
State Delegate
William Devereaux
State Delegate
Tom McCrossan
By-Laws and Constitution
Tom McCrossan
By-Laws and Constitution
Joe Lacina
Public  and Veteran Affairs
  William Devereaux
Agent Orange/Finance
  Frank E. Hartman
Chaplain 1st
Joseph (Joe) Rebstock
Chaplain  2nd
Kevin Laughlin
Color Guard
Community Affairs
 Howard W. Carroll
Event Calendar
Fund Raising 
   Ron Shriver
Hospital and Homeless Vets
Joseph Chickachop
Incarcerated Veterans
Membership  Chairman
Edward J. Perez

[email protected]
Merchandise Sales 
Tom O'Shea
Minority Affairs
  Enrico (Rick) Storino
Ron Shriver
​Tommy O'Shea
Enrico (Rick) Storino
Veteran Affairs and Benefits
Danny Wine

Web Master
​Ronald G. Ciocci

VVA Chapter 1068 Photo Gallery

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc
New Jersey State Council
Hosted by VVA Chapter 1068
Camden, County
Veterans exposed to agent orange and other toxins
Meeting on April 8, 20118
Under our Photo Galleries
Heading click Agent Orange and Toxins box to view the Photos' taken at this Town Hall Meeting and read some of the literature about this sensitive topic of our Vietnam veterans.
National Center for PTSD
May 22, 2019
( click to view )
Rebuttal and response to the VA and US Government's refusal to take responsibility for their actions in denying US Veterans their deserved health care treatment and compensation for A/O and Toxin related maladies. 
The Link Between PTSD and Substance Abuse
PTSD Monthly Update
April 2019
PTSD Quarterly Volume 29/ No.4    2019
Inflamation and PTSD
​PTSD: National Center for PTSD

        Topics of Interest to Veterans

May  2019
American Legion
​​​​Disabled American Veterans

    E..J. Newton Memorial DAV Chapter #4
​            Haddonfield, New Jersey
609-519-0733  (Leave Message)

Veteran Service ​Organizations 
​VVA Web Weekly
Jewish War Veterans
VVA State Council
​New Jersey
Veteran Of Foreign Wars
Camden County Veteran Affairs
( under construction )

​​The Four Chaplains Website
Submitted by Ron C

​Veteran Resources for Help:
​Submitted by Frank Miller
Veteran Crissis Line
House Passes H.R. 299
Social workers'
Resources lifeline for Veterans
Video Connect
DAV National Commander
Take Action Now
VA infertility services can help
veterans and their families
DAV National Commander
Take Action Now
VA Welcome Kit

Veterans find support
via Pathways to Recovery

New Eligability Criteria a Major 
​Improvement over existing Rules
Dseases Related to
Agent Orange
Vietnamese American Community’s annual ceremony remembering the Fall of Saigon
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Submitted by:
Ed Davis/[email protected]

Musings of an Army Doctor​​
Submitted by: Edward D.
Defence Advisary  Committee of Women in the Service
Managing VBA Performance
Innovative treatment for Vets with Type 2 diabetes
Code of Support
U.S. Dept. Veteran Affairs
VA Hospital Ratings
Submitted by Edward Davis
​S. 179/H.R. 712, Legislation Calling for Clinical Trials to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain and PTSD
1st Battalion, 77 Artillery Reg.
1st Calvary Division
​Submitted by Ron C.
This is Amazing....
about the virtual wall
Thanks to Joe Reb
 Freedom Riders
Task Force Omega of Ky., Inc
Page 1
( click to read )
Submitted by Joe Rebstock 
Web Site for Military Researchers
Submitted by Paul S.
Freedom Riders
Task Force Omega of Ky., Inc
Page 2
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Submitted by Joe Rebstoke
Vietnam War Records
Submitted by Ron C
VVA Web Weekly
​April 26, 2019
The Last To Put You Down
 Legislative Alert
New Jersey
VFW State Department 

US Woman VeteransTwitter
​Submitted by: Ron Ciocci
Interesting Facts About the 
Vietnam Memorial Wall
​Submitted by: Ron C.
​Veterans Benefit From New
Portable Ultra Sound Unit, etc.
​Submitted by Ron C.
Victory for Veterans
Submitted by: ​Carmin Petrelli
Pacific War Index
Submitted by: Carmin Petrelli

No One Left Behind::
Veterans Criminal Diversion
Submitted by:Ed D.
47 Secret Veteran Benefits
for Seniors
​Submitted by: Edward D. / Ross
Some Vietnam War Websources
​Submitted by Ron C

VA Benefits Bulletin
Please read this valuable Info.
​My Lai and VVMF
submitted by Tom O'.
Gov't Relations at VVA
​Submitted Ron C.
Badge of Glory
​Submitted by: Ron C.
​​Emergency Room Reimbursement
Submitted by E. Davis

Records of the United States Forces in
Southeast Asia 1950 -1975
Submitted by Ron C.
Bases Believed to be Contaminated
( Conus Vietnam/Laos)
Submitted by: Edward D.

Woman Veterans
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
​Submitted by Ron C

Forever GI Bill Update 
VA Office of Economic Opportunity
​Submitted by: Ron C
Women Veterans
US Department of Veterans Affairs
A Pioneer Among Veteran Women
Five Facts about the US Navy
​Submitted by Ron C.

Some words used during the
Vietnam War
​Submitted by: Ron C.

Purple Heart Medal Returned to Family
Submitted by: Ed Davis
I Corp
2/502 Firebases
Submitted by: Anthony Critchlow

United States Court of Appeals 
for the  Federal Circuit
Submitted By Ed D.

82nd Airborne Starts  New Story Telling Effort on Social Media
Submitted by Bill D and Edward D
Eastern Regional High  School
Voorhees, New Jersey
Memorial for
Joseph E. "Jay" Laurer
Submitted by James F. Dugan
Be Aware! Spread the word
about two news scams that are affecting  
Veterans and Veteran supporters
Submitted by: J "Doc" C

​25th Infantry Association
10 things you should know about agent orange
Sent by Thomas O.

​NJ VA Health Care
​Submitted by Ron C
U.S Dept Affairs Update
​Submitted by Ron C
​The Shadow Rulers of the VA

"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."
Vietnam Veterans of America

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